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Medição sem contacto VISION
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Non-Contact Measurement Systems

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for accurate measurement, and different applications require different measurement systems. At Vision Engineering, we design and manufacture a broad range of non-contact measurement systems from toolmakers’ measuring microscopes to fully automated CNC video measuring systems with optional contact measurement available. Combined with the latest metrology software solutions available, we offer the right tool for the job.

Swift PRO

Swift PRO toolmakers’ measuring microscope takes the work out of measuring precision-engineered components and reporting the results.  With advanced functionality and the benefits of both video and optical measurement technologies, its exceptional ease of use and industry-standard outputs make it a great choice for all manufacturing environments.

The exceptional ease of use brings you fast, accurate measurements and a greater return on your investment.

Hawk Duo

A great solution for precision engineers, Hawk Duo gives you the reliability and high accuracy of an optical measuring microscope – plus the practicality and repeatability of digital video measurement – in one robust system.

Hawk Duo is equipped with a precision measurement stage with coarse and fine movement controls, and higher magnification objectives for accurately measuring extremely small features.  It can perform fast, programmable measurement routines with 3-axis CNC control.

TVM Series

TVM digital measuring microscope is a great choice for a shop floor non-contact measurement system for 2D measurements of both turned and flat components when fast throughput and ease of use are essential requirements. Larger components can be measured with the motorised stage for a fast and automated solution.

The telecentric optics and illumination creates a sharp flat image across the full field of view to enable superior video edge detection capability for accurate measurement and inspection.

LVC Series

Extraordinarily capable, but surprisingly easy to use, LVC400 and LVC200 fully automated 3-axis cnc video measuring systems have the power and versatility to meet the needs of demanding manufacturing environments.  With a measurement range of up to (400 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm), LVC is ideal for measuring large components or, just as easily, batches of small components.

The multi-position motorised zoom lens allows changes to the magnification to be part of measurement program, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual changes.