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Robo JR3000 Series
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The popular JR3000 Series now has two new models, rounding out the lineup with the JR3500 (XY dimensions 510×510mm) and the JR3600 (XY dimensions 510×620mm), making this multifunctional, user-friendly desktop robot applicable for even larger workpieces.

The JR3000 Series has many helpful new functions, including an external motor control function, and a LAN port for interfacing.

With the JR3000, easily automate and save labor in a variety of processes, from dispensing and screw-tightening to soldering, PC board cutting, key testing and more.

JR3000 Series Features:

・Increased speed and carrying capacity (Max. XY speed: 900mm/s; max. workpiece load: 15 kg, max. tool weight 7kg)  

・First desktop robot with an integrated Z axis cable (built-in cable reduces installation height requirements and   improves electric noise reduction).  

・Greater structural rigidity for better traceability at high speeds and a shorter oscillation settling time for the tool   to come to a complete stop between jobs.  

・Fieldbus capability and a LAN port as standard equipment, to facilitate control over several robots from one PC.  

・USB memory port as standard equipment for convenient data backup  

・2, 3, 4 axes types available  

・JR3400 available with either a single or double column specifications; double column type is especially useful   for supporting heavy loads.  

・External motor control function (up to 2)  

・PC software “JR C-Points II”: Janome’s original comprehensive software with graphic and programming functions
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X-Y Axes Strocke (mm): 200x200
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X-Y Axes Strocke (mm): 300x320              
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X-Y Axes Strocke (mm): 400x400
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X-Y Axes Strocke (mm): 510x510
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X-Y Axes Strocke (mm): 510x620          
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